Financial Goals

The following topics are some of the most common areas in which companies seek assistance:


  • Maximize Channel Sales:  Increase free cash flow from operations; maximize working capital and liquidity.

  • Measurement Programs:  Implement metrics to lower costs, improve service levels and drive more revenue.

  • Expense Reduction:  Identify and minimize redundant processes, wasteful practices, over-staffed functions and lost purchasing opportunities.

  • Risk Management:  Assess your insurance programs to ensure proper coverage and identify cost saving opportunities.

  • Financial Statements:   Create accurate and timely financial statements, and help you analyze your financial condition.

  • Banking Relationships:   Enhance your relationship with financial institutions by effectively presenting financial information and negotiating terms credibly.

  • Strategic Planning:  Review and evaluate your business model, new business opportunities (Requests for Proposal), business processes, capital projects, information systems and compensation plans.

  • Audit/SOX compliance:  Assist your staff in completing compliance work and testing, and controlling costs of your compliance efforts.

  • Exit Strategies:  Position yourself to realize liquidity from your investment by evaluating and maximizing the value of your company.